Monday, January 09, 2017

Talk to me!

I wanted to write a blog post today and I have sat at my computer contemplating what to write and just came up empty handed.  It's been SOOOO cold this weekend.  All of Arkansas got snow except us but it was like 10 degrees on Friday and Saturday so it was almost like a snow day.  We stayed home in our pajamas the entire day (except for me who had to run to the grocery store so all of the pajama clad people in my home had something to eat).  

So there is not a lot to write about except a lot of laughing children in my home.  And a lot of laundry that got done.  

The girls wanted to give Will Holden a bath and they were so proud.  How sweet is this? I love how much my children love each other.  YES - they fight like cats and dogs (especially when we are cooped in the house for days) but they also just ADORE each other.  Constant laughing.  

This picture was on my time hope from one year ago today.  Harper still carries Will Holden around like he's her very own baby and both my girls are so sweet with him.  Hollis is especially kind to him.  

So that's about it. 

I thought with a new year I would open it up - 

What things would you like to see me write about? Or what question do you have that I could maybe answer? I'm hoping y'all can give me some fresh ideas for the blog! :-) If you are going to read - I am hoping to make it at least a little interesting! 

Feel free to leave me comments!!! 

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