Wednesday, March 09, 2016

SUYL announcement and a few others........

So, first of all, the two first blogs I ever read were Boomama and Big Mama and I adore them! I had the chance to travel with them to Ecuador with Compassion four years ago and they are just two of my favorite people/bloggers/authors! They do a podcast that's always entertaining and they are taking it on the road! In June, they are doing a bus tour along with Travis Cottrell!!! 

And on JUNE 15 - they will be at MY CHURCH!!! First Baptist Bentonville - so if you live within driving distance, I'm expecting you to come and laugh and say hi!!!! Bring friends!!! It's going to be SO FUN! SO FUN!
 (More detailed info later)

Apparently one of my IG posts about a huge mom fail of mine ended up on a Pop Sugar article. ha!


I'm working on a SUYL schedule for us! We will cover a lot of topics so there will be something for everyone!! I want you to find new friends and revive your blogs if you have let them die!! We will for sure do a home tour this summer.  It's going to be a JUNE ROOM BY ROOM!!!! For real people.  

But first - this Friday is going to be a day to just link up and tell us about yourselves.  Dust off your blog if you have one and share who you are and what you are about! I thought it would be fun to start off with an intro blog.  You might even find a blog or two that day! 

And then we will get going the next week! Thanks for playing along!!!! 

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