Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Plague and Pedialyte

So a couple of weeks ago, during the week of Valentines, our family got the stomach bug.  We haven't had the stomach bug in almost seven years so we made a good run of it but it hit our family hard.

As Harper liked to keep telling people "it went through our family from the youngest to the oldest", which is great information except I'm the one who got it last because I'm the oldest and I don't want to be reminded of that. ha!

Will Holden got it first and I know if you are nursing that you should keep nursing through the stomach bug but I wasn't sure how that applied to formula and honestly with him throwing up milk - we decided to just take him off for the day.  But we wanted him to stay hydrated and so I ran to Wal-Mart no less than about four times that week to buy Pedialyte.  Thankfully I knew it was in the baby section - right past the formula and easy to find.

And they have many flavors which was nice because not only did Will Holden love it and guzzle down bottle after bottle of it but my girls drank it too when it was their time to be sick.  Hollis won't drink anything but water and apple juice and milk which is GREAT except when I wanted her to drink Sprite or Ginger Ale to settle her stomach.  But she WOUILD drink pedialyte.

So again I was off to get more bottles.  I wish I would have tried out the popsicles.

And then literally two days after the stomach bug ended, Pedialyte asked if I wanted to write a post about them? It was as if they knew I had just cleaned out my local store.  I don't write a lot of sponsored posts but since I had a lot of experience with this - I thought I would share.  

And also because I had JUST told y'all about Ibotta which can give you cash for things you would normally buy.  I was glad I had Ibotta during the plague because every 2 bottles I bought - I got $2 cash back! And the great thing about Pedialyte is it doesn't expire for a while so we usually keep a reserve bottle in our pantry "just in case".  Because you can't always run right to Wal-Mart when you have a sick baby - especially in the middle of the night.  

So if you have Ibotta - it wouldn't hurt to store up a couple of bottles and get money back while you can!!! Take the link above! 

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