Monday, March 07, 2016

Life Updates

Thanks for all the feed back on Show Us Your life!!!! I'm so excited that you are are excited!!!!

I will have a schedule up by Wednesday!!! 

I'm catching up a little on life posts.  Things I want to make sure I don't forget and can look back on.

Like this boy turning 10 months.  He is BUSY and all boy!!! He's pulling up constantly and starting to cruise and he's crawling around the house like a mad man.  I have a hard time keeping up and keeping him confined.

He has a mouth full of teeth - eight last time I checked.  And he will eat almost anything.

He's a momma's boy all the way.  UNTIL his dad comes home.  He just lights up when he sees his "dada dada dada".  He also thinks his sisters are hilarious!

He has definitely made my life a lot busier but it's also a lot fuller!!!

I love that when I went to look back at their 10 month pictures - all three looked exactly like this.  Pulling up on the bed and refusing to sit and let me take their picture.  I'm one blessed mom with these three in my life.

Little Prince William

Last week we went to Little Rock for a hearing check with Harper's audiologist.  Harper was SOOOO excited to go see "Mrs. Jan" that she counted the days and told literally everyone in her school.  I have always been in the appointments with Harper since she was two but this time I took Will Holden while Hollis stayed back with a friend so Harper went to the appointment all by herself.  I decided that she was old and mature enough and knew what to except.  She did a great job.  Thankfully her hearing hasn't changed much - just a tiny degree.  I left the appointment feeling very thankful.  She ordered new ear molds and picked brown Tiger Stripe with no sparkles this time around.  I love the ideas she comes up with.

I wrote this on Instagram recently but I wanted to add it here:
If you are a speech therapist - can I just encourage you that what you are doing is huge. I know it's often very slow growth but it is big to the child you are working with. 
Harper has been in speech therapy for almost five years. We have gone 4x a week, twice a week and now we are down to once a week. She is tested annually and this year she is basically completely normal in her speech. You would probably never guess she is very hard of hearing if you didn't know her. The therapist she sees currently, she has been going to for probably four years. I told Harper this weekend that I was so proud of all her hard work. She complains a lot but she has never complained once about going to speech and neither has her sister. She has progressed so far. And she burst into tears and sobbed for 30 solid minutes because she didn't want to leave "Mrs Jennifer" her therapist. We aren't quitting - we still need to improve some things. But she is so attached to her therapist and that speaks volumes to me. I'm grateful for every hour we have put in.
Thank you speech therapists - you are a blessing!

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