Thursday, March 03, 2016

Bringing Back Show Us Your Life

I have so much I need to blog about including an update on Harper's hearing and a 10 month update on Will (before he turns one) and just other miscellaneous stuff but I seem to have a hard time writing on here these days.  The first time I can write most days is about 9 at night when the kids are in bed and lately I have been falling into bed exhausted at that time.  An active toddler is kicking my 42 year old booty. ha!


I have had several people ask me about this lately and so I have decided to resurrect Show Us Your Life.  At least for a while.  Show us your life was such a great place to connect bloggers to each other so I want to bring it back.

My question is ........

Has blogging died? Are you still blogging?

Are you interested????

And if so.....

What would you like to see?

Real Life Home Tours
Connecting people (i.e. Single moms, special needs moms, homeschoolers, widows  -  I'm thinking it would be fun to incorporate guest bloggers for those days and then provide a link up)
Fashion and Makeup and Hair

What else????? Leave me comments and I will bring it back NEXT Friday!!!!

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