Monday, February 01, 2016

Weather or Not

Are y'all having spring where you live? 

We had the best weekend weather wise.  It's been nearly 70 degrees.  I can't get enough! I'm not a cold weather girl so spring can't get here fast enough. 

Scott and I went on a long over due date Friday night.  I feel a little guilty to have a baby sitter watch three kids including a baby so we have just not had a lot of alone time.  But we have a sitter I love and trust who came over and Scott and I had a wonderful night out.  We went to dinner and saw "Star Wars". I grew up loving Star Wars and was the one who wanted to see it.  And I loved it! I always wanted to be Princess Leia.  

Saturday we had the most beautiful day.  I went to the funeral of the lady from my church who recently died.  She had a beautiful funeral.  Scott put together the trampoline we got for Christmas with the help of the girls while I was gone.  They were ecstatic.  And Scott and I might have loved it a little ourselves.  (If you follow me on IG - you can see a video of me jumping and laughing like an idiot.  You can probably tell Scott and I like to laugh at ourselves).  

Today we had church and then the girls had a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese and then back to church.  We are ready to start a new week! 

And I'm so excited for my friend Shay who has two new cookbooks coming out this week! They are cute little sized books with fun and easy recipes for the busy mom! I'm joining in with a bunch of my favorite blog friends and giving away a set of cookbooks!! Go to my IG to enter to win!!!

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