Friday, January 29, 2016

American Idol - come on back!

Well, I quit American Idol a few years ago. 

I used to be obsessed.  In fact one of my favorite memories was when Harper was a baby and Scott and I would put her in between us and watch every night.  

But then they started losing me when things happened like Nicky Minaj was the judge.  And the Voice started.


They are reeling me back in for three reasons this year.

1.  It's the last season ever
2. Harry Connick, JR (yes)
3.  This guy below:

Thomas Stringfellow is from Bentonville and a good friend of some of my friends and he is doing really well on the show! I'm SOOOO Excited to follow along and watch his journey!

He spoke to our youth group last week and this is he and our youth minister Hutch with the youth.  (I didn't take this picture - I stole it from Hutch. ha!)

Tommy is a Christian and was raised in a Christian family that also fosters kids.  He said they have always had a lot of kids in their house and I think that's so neat.  I actually got to talk to Tommy last week.  A guy I used to work with is really close with him and asked me if I wanted to interview him so I could write about him.  It was so official - a person from American Idol had to set the call up and even called me with him on the line!

He's a great kid with an amazing talent!!! There are going to be a lot of great talents on this season and I know a lot of you may be like me and have dropped off from watching but you need to come back and enjoy the last year!!!

And if he gets to the TOP 24 - I'm going to be bugging you to vote for this guy!!! So get ready! You can watch his audition below if you missed it! And he already went through the first two rounds of Hollywood week.  So I can't wait for next week! 

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