Sunday, February 07, 2016

Burnt Cobblers and Super Bowls

Well I haven't blogged in a week.  Life has been a little crazy but great.  

We had a women's event this past Thursday night.  We had an amazing speaker and we served cobbler and ice cream.  I'm terrible at baking but I had volunteered to use a friend's recipe and bring a cobbler.  I'm blaming my oven but I totally burnt it.  I panicked and took it anyway because I wasn't sure how many cobblers we had and I didn't have time to make a new one.  Thankfully we had an abundance of cobblers and mine made it to file 13.  But it gave us a good laugh.  

I spoke at a MOPS group on Friday.  It was a group I went to back when Harper was a baby.  I remember taking her to the baby room and she would cry and it made me so sad I would leave early half the time and eventually quit going.  So funny how things change by the 3rd baby.  I took Will Holden to that same room and it was full of crying babies because it was just drop off time and it didn't bother me at all.  I was like "here he is.  Don't call me - I'm speaking".  ha ha ha ha! I knew he would be okay! 

P.S. This sweet boy said "mama" this week!!!!

We had a relaxed weekend at home.  Scott took the girls on a date to the movies on Saturday while I hung out with Will Holden at home.  

I tried to take a picture of the kids before church today.  It's becoming difficult to take a picture of all three.  

This is what the majority of pictures look like.  Will Holden thrashing around like a wet seal.  Harper looks like a cat got ahold of her.  She's always scratching her face in her sleep - she has such itchy skin.  Will has reached the point where he is just a wild tornado.  Changing his diaper and his clothes is like a full on workout.  And he's crawling all over the place.  I can't take my eyes off him for five seconds.  If you need me - I'm going to be busy for the next 2.5 years at least. ha!

He did enjoy a few minutes of his first super bowl! 

This weekend was the IF Gathering in Austin.  I'm betting many of you went or were involved in a local group watching online.  I watched most of it at home over the weekend and it was so good.  The lifestream is up until tomorrow night (Monday night) and if you have time - go to session 4 and watch David Platt.  I can't quit thinking about his talk.  It starts at 1 hr and 54 min.  You should also watch Angie Smith - she starts at 1 hr 15 min. - click on watch lifestream

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