Monday, February 15, 2016

Save Some MoneyI

Well if you are wondering what we have been up to for the last week.  It's this.  We started passing it around at the end of the week and all weekend basically all we did was set up sick beds and clean and bleach everything in sight.  I thought we were finally done and then this morning I woke up nauseous.  Thankfully I never actually got sick but Scott stayed home just in case and took care of the kids while I slept most of the day.  I think more than anything I was exhausted from sleepless nights and constant cleaning after everyone else.  I hope that's the last of the stomach plague for the NEXT 7 years!

I have nothing to blog about besides sickness and no one cares about that but I thought I would share a couple of apps I've been using lately to get money back from regular grocery shopping.  I've never been a big coupon girl.  I feel like coupons just made me buy things I wouldn't normally buy and having to cut them out and keep up with them and find somewhere to carry them with me was annoying.  But I DO like saving money.

I was just introduced to Ibotta.  Do you use it? It is SO easy and amazing! They give you things that at stores you shop - like Walmart, Target and other major grocery chains and for items you would normally buy any way - you get money back.  Actually money back.  They even do basic things - like any brand eggs, milk, apples, etc.  I have used it for probably 5 weeks and I already got $50!!! It's SO easy to use and you can use it along side other things like Walmart Savings Catcher or Target Cartwheel so you double save! If you sign up - you get $10 back immediately.  So why not? I'm basically obsessed.  And it's easy to just check your list before you go to see what's on there or you can actually do it after just as easy.

If you shop at Wal-Mart (and I know a lot of you don't - but some do!) - do you use the Walmart Savings Catcher App? All you have to do is scan your receipt after you leave and it will check competitor adds for you and if there is a difference - it gives you the money back! I have made $15 in the last 3 weeks with this! I let it build up on a gift card and then use it when I have a lot built up! I had been saving for the last year and it paid for a big chunk of the kid's trampoline we bought on! Just search your apps for Wal-Mart Savings Catcher.  I feel like it's too good not to share!

And I also try to use Target Cartwheel. It gives you discounts and as you shop you can scan things to see if there is a deal! I haven't had as much luck with this because I don't shop at Target as often and I feel like it's not always on items we would buy - but if you are a regular Target Shopper - you should be using this!

I know some people use ebates - I have never tried that - I would love to hear success stories if you have one!

What are other shopping/savings apps that you have had luck with? I would love for you to share! It's always fun to save money in an easy way and for something you would do anyway! I thought we could give each other some good ideas!

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