Friday, February 12, 2016

Leaping Babies and Loving Hearts

Well, we have had an interesting week.  I'm so glad it's Friday.  

Will Holden had his 9 month check up on Tuesday.  He looked healthy and weighed 22 lbs.  He's a big growing boy.  Unfortunately, he spent the rest of the day with the stomach bug.  We have been very lucky at our house and no one has thrown up since Harper was a baby.  So almost 7 years of no stomach bug.  I usually knock on wood when I say that but the spell has been broken.  

Wednesday Hollis had her school Valentines party! She was so happy! And then she went to AWANA that night and got to bring home Cubby bear.  She was thrilled.

I got an email Wednesday that Harper's hearing batteries had both died and she was out of them. We keep them in her backpack and she changes them herself but I guess I had forgot to put a replacement pack in.  So I ran up to the school and realized it was lunch time.  So I stayed and hung out with Harper while she ate.  I always love seeing her at school and how she interacts with everyone.  

Yesterday was Harper's valentine party.  It was also her last day of school for the next 11 days! They get a February break and I'm so happy about it.  Hollis has today and Monday off so we are enjoying some days at home.  Sadly, our town is taking all schools back to one schedule next year so we won't get to have any more fun February or October or May Breaks.  They have also rezoned the whole town because it has grown so quickly - they are preparing for new schools.  So everything is kind of topsy turvy with schools right now but it will all work out.  I have to register Hollis next week for Kindergarten. EEK!

I had a couple of appointments yesterday plus Harper's party that I didn't want to take Hollis and Will Holden to if I could avoid it so I asked my parents if they would mind coming over for the day to watch them.  It was good timing on my part/ bad timing on their part because Hollis woke up with the stomach bug yesterday morning and it was BAD.  So it was a little more than my parents had bargained for.  I tried to get them not to come but graciously they did and I was really thankful for their help.  

Thankfully Hollis woke up 100% better today so I was so glad.  (Although then Will Holden got sick again this morning.  I'm ready for this week to be over).  

I had my annual mammogram yesterday.  Two years ago I had my first mammogram and they found a spot and I had to have it biopsied.  Last year I was due for one but I was pregnant and then nursing and I didn't see how that would work out so I just skipped it.  I had to have an ultrasound to go with my mammogram and I had a small spot that the doctor said wasn't to be worried about but to come back in six months for another ultrasound.  Breast cancer is a scary disease.  It's not fun to get mammograms but a lot more fun that waiting too long and discovering cancer is there.  

Laurie always loves to quote 2 Corinthians when we talk about mammograms, "For we were hard pressed on every side".......... ha ha ha! 

And in addition to Will getting sick this morning, I put him down for a nap and then about 6 minutes later heard him crying real hard.  I went to his room and he had climbed or jumped out of his bed. I nearly had a heart attack.  He's fine but I don't know if I will be.  ha! This boy is going to keep me young or take a lot of years off my life.  I'm finding quickly just how different boys are from girls.

We had planned to have a date tonight because our church is having Parents Night Out but looks like we will be staying home.  Scott texted me earlier and said "are we doing anything for Valentines" (meaning "do I need to get you a gift?") which we rarely do.  My love language is not gifts.  I told him to stay home and help me clean up throw up - at this stage in our life - that's TRUE romance to me!!! :-)

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