Monday, February 22, 2016

Kansas City here we come!

 Back in December for my birthday, Scott surprised me with a little girls weekend he had booked and coordinated with Laurie to Kansas City.  He planned it for this past weekend because we didn't have anything else planned! He knew I just really needed a little break and a few days of laughing, shopping and eating with my best friend was just what the doctor ordered!!!

My in-laws came down Thursday and helped Scott.  Scott could have easily handled the kids on his own but I think he just wanted company and emergency back up. ha! The kids were thrilled to have their grandparents here!

Laurie and I left Friday after lunch and headed to KC! It's only a three hour drive from home so it's a great little weekend getaway.  Scott and I have gone to Kansas City just the two of us before and went to a Chiefs game and did some shopping and then we took the kids a couple of years ago and went to the KC Zoo and the aquarium and the Hallmark center.  There are a lot of fun things to do in Kansas City.

This trip was mostly about relaxing and shopping.  Laurie brought her robe! We stayed near the Plaza which is a neat area with lots of shopping and restaurants.  It made it easy to just be able to walk to everything.  They have a lot of stores we don't in NWA so that was fun!

 Laurie and I love antiques and "junk-tiquing" and we were told about an area called West Bottoms so we headed there on Saturday morning.  It's SUCH a neat place.  The railroad used to run near this area and there are all these huge old buildings that handled the merchandise that came on the railroad (this older man at one of the stores gave us this history. ha!)  Imagine all these old six story buildings with original hardwood floors and neat architecture and instead of just letting them crumble -they have turned them into around 30 antique/junk stores.

If you are in the area - go on the first weekend of the month.  On that weekend, all the stores are open and they have food trucks.  This past weekend only about 10 stores were open but it was plenty for us to go to.  Nearly every store was 3 or 4 stories of stuff.

I loved this store called Restoration Emporium.  Another one that was really neat was "Stuffology".  I think it HAD to be in a building that was an old theatre because they had so many theatre lights and film reels and just neat industrial like items.  Very unique.  

Laurie found a Sears Catalog from 1980 and it made her so happy.  I tried to get her to buy it but she didn't.  It just was such a reminder of our childhood.  

The place behind me wasn't open but it was very much a farmhouse antique shop.  We were completely trying to channel #WWJGB.  (What would JoAnna Gaines Buy).  

A few of the old buildings. 

This one was a John Deere building where they would manufacture tractors.  I had to take a picture for Scott and Will Holden.

Since Kansas City is famous for BBQ, we headed to try some next.  We went in the freight district where everyone recommended us to go.

NOW - please don't hate me KC people.  But we did NOT like KC BBQ.  Barbecue is just different in different states/areas and KC BBQ is different from AR and TX BBQ and we just weren't fans.  There was no sauce? And we asked for some and got some and it had no taste.  LOVE KC, don't love the BBQ.  Come to AR/TX and let us help you! :-)

If you are in KC, visit a store called Nel Hill's - home interiors. It's SO neat.  That was a highlight for us also!

We shopped some more and basically all Laurie did was smell candles in every store we went in.  She is a candle connoisseur.

Yesterday we made the trek to Ikea and World Market and then went to an outlet mall before heading home.  We really didn't buy much but we had the best time just being able to shop without kids and talk and eat and laugh.  I think it's good for all moms to get away - even just for a few hours but especially for a weekend.  It just makes you want to come home and be a better mom!

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