Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Forty-Two and Favorite Things

So I'm 42 today.

And I could be her mom but I can't quit singing Taylor Swift's song in my own version......

"I don't know about you - but I'm feeling 42"..........

I've had a great day.  The girls and Scott gave me a sweet card this morning and Scott gave me a thoughtful surprise gift.  My parents came over and took me and the kids to lunch.  I didn't take any pictures but we enjoyed a quick visit from them.  

My talented friend Robin came over and brought me some cookies she made.


Can we just take a moment. 
 I can barely write my own name in cursive much less make cookies like that! 

Poor Willie has had a rough day.  He's teething and SOOOOOO very unhappy and then his sisters did THIS to him.

Sweet boy. 

And this is 42. 

I ended my night going to Wal-Mart alone.  In my hipster wanna be hat.  

And I was so happy for that quiet hour.  

And I took a selfie in the coffee aisle which I realize is completely dumb but I just wanted to capture the fact that celebrating my birthday at Wal-Mart buying toothpaste and formula in my 40's is actually a very good day! 

In all seriousness, I joke about getting old but I wake up every morning thankful for each day and for my health because I know it could be taken at any moment.  I'm not guaranteed tomorrow.  

I also have to tell you about something fun.  I assumed everyone knew what this was but I had so many people ask me on Facebook and Instagram that I thought I better share - because you are going to want to do this!

I was invited to a "Favorite Things" Christmas party last night.  This seems to be popular where I live but I have never been to one before last night.  And I had the BEST BEST TIME! In fact, I'm hoping to throw a summer version this summer for my Sunday School Girls.  

Again with Robin and her works of art.  She made these.  

I can barely bake chocolate chip cookies much less make something like this. 

So this is how it works (there are other versions like it could be different price points or amount of gifts but I think this worked great).

Each person brings five of their "favorite thing" under $5.  You don't wrap them - just put them all in a sack.  When you get there each person writes their name down five times and they all go in a big bowl.

Each person gets up and shares about what their favorite thing is and why they picked it.  This was my favorite part.  It was SOOOOO Interesting to see what people would pick.  We had everything from earrings to lipgloss to salsa to hamburger seasoning.

Then that person reaches in the bowl and draws out five names and they get their favorite thing.  Then the next person goes.

And each person goes home with five things in a sack.  I ended up with concealer (WHICH I NEED), lipgloss, cookie mix, salsa and Uno cards!

This seriously was the most fun party I have been to! I can't wait to do it again! I think it's a great idea for a group of friends or life group or Moms group or whatever!

So there you go!

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