Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Vacation

Well, it's Christmas Vacation!!!

First of all - Candace Smith - you are the winner of the Dressie Jessie Smocked outfit! I have already emailed you! I am posting the IG winner tonight as well on my IG post! 

Well the girls got out of school on Friday for the next 17 days and I think we are all pretty excited!!! I am personally thrilled not to have to rush around every morning or pack lunches or do homework or rush bedtime.  In other words, no rushing! Hallelujah! I would say I look forward to sleeping in but we have a little brother that thinks 5 a.m. is an acceptable wake up time right now so there is that.  But the girls can sleep in!

Laurie had a meeting Friday afternoon so I offered to pick her girls up.  Then I convinced her to just let them stay and eat dinner with us.  Then the four of them convinced me to turn it into a slumber party.  I'm a sucker.  They had the best time.  We spent a long time looking at pictures and videos from when they were all babies until now.  We have so many pictures and life moments together and they got so tickled seeing themselves. They just laughed and squealed at all the pictures.

I told Scott all I wanted for my birthday this year (it's Tuesday) was several hours alone on Saturday.  I LOVE LOVE and Adore my children but there are just things you can't do when you always have at least one of them with you.  Running in and out of stores with a baby carrier or stroller or three kids is not my favorite activity.  So I stopped for a Coke Icee (Some people prefer coffee - I am not one of them) and spent about 6 glorious hours finishing up our Christmas shopping.  I rarely go the mall these days - I try to just online shop if I need to.  It's kind of nice to be able to stroll around in stores.

Scott took a few pictures of my blue eyed raccoon while I was gone.  He is apparently teething again.  He still hasn't gotten the top teeth he was cutting at Thanksgiving.  I was convinced he had an ear infection because he has been waking up several times a night and tugging at his ear so I took him to a walk in clinic today only to find he is the picture of health.  Which is great news but means there is no great solution other than wait those darn teeth out. I really need to invest in an otoscope.  My kids never get sick but I am paranoid of ear infections so I have taken Will probably 10 times now thinking he has one and he has yet to have one. 

Someone mentioned on my IG several weeks ago an old wives tale of having a raw egg in a baggie in his bedroom window to take away teething pain.  Have you ever heard that? I'm not even kidding that I'm willing to do a science experiment and see if it works. 

 Every year on a Sunday in December, I take a picture of me and the kids in front of our tree.  (I'm such a stickler for having annual pictures of things and then comparing them).  I can hardly believe that seven years ago I just had one sweet baby and now I have three precious gifts.  I know I sound like a broken record but it just goes so fast.

If I could have time in a bottle........... 

Just a few notes:

I'm wearing the same dress today that I had on seven years ago.  Not that I can fit into the same clothes I could seven years ago - it's just a forgiving dress.  Also I tend to keep clothes for a long time.

Harper is nearly as tall as I am.  When did that seriously happen?

I would also like to call this series of pictures:
"The Hair of many colors that Miss Clairol gave to me".

Have you ever seen anyone change their hair color so often? I don't even realize I do it until I see these pictures.  This is the plight of being completely gray at 25.

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