Friday, December 18, 2015

Fa La La La Fun

Our December has just been so full of Christmas fun! 

Saturday morning we worked at our church's annual Christmas store.  This is a community outreach our church does every year and most all of our members come together to help with it.  This year we took the girls with us to help.  We worked in the kids area and kept kids entertained while their parents shopped.  

The rest of our Saturday was very mellow but we DID get some carolers at our house Saturday night! It was so fun! 

Sunday we had church.  Afterwards, Harper went caroling with the GA's.  She had so much fun.  She went home to Laurie's house after to play since we didn't have night church.  

Laurie sent me this picture of Harper holding her cat.  I think she knows how much I dislike cats and it thrills her to take pictures of my kids holding them. 

Monday Hollis had her preschool Christmas party! It was so cute! 

And Wednesday was their preschool program.  They act out the Christmas story.  Her Joseph really was Joseph and she was the Innkeeper's wife.  But they look like Joseph and Mary.  They are so precious together. 

One of my friends hosted a girls night for our Sunday School class this week.  We all got together and bought things for a family in need and wrapped them up for them.  It was great to spend time together but also to do something that had a purpose! 

We had our last AWANA of the year and its as Christmas themed.  I didn't know there was a contest but apparently  Harper won for her Christmas outfit (which she kept referring to as her costume).  She  got a fun prize and declared it the best night ever! 

And today was the First grade Christmas party.  I didn't plan to go since I had the two littles with me but last minute I had a little mom guilt and decided to drop by.  Will Holden was really good but I didn't take his stroller in and I held him for an hour and he is SO heavy and it was so hot and crowded in their room so I almost regretted going but I'm glad I could be there for her party.  

And today is the BEST day! Last day of school for 2015 AND both girls have pajama/movie days!!! It doesn't get much better! 

We are ready for Christmas vacation! How about you?

(and you still have time to win a smocked outfit - I pick a winner on Sunday!)

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