Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Just Do It

If you are on social media at all - then you are probably bombarded with a lot of "talk".


And Ranting.

I love me some social media but some times I just get tired of the noise.  I have three kids who are constantly screaming or fighting or talking to me.  I rarely get any quiet moments.  The last thing I need to do is listen to adults doing the same thing amongst themselves.

I think you know what I mean.

#redcup  (ahem)

I'm all for us as Christians having white space or being still and listening to God or making time to just be home and quiet.  But I think what God called us to was action.  Not voicing our opinions.  Not saying no to make "me time".  Not fighting with people that don't and won't believe the way we do.

No matter how much we argue, we aren't winning them to Christ this way.

"Therefore GO and make disciples"..... Matthew 28:19
"By their FRUITS you will know them"....... Matthew 7:20
"Love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you"........ Matthew 5:44
"Take up your cross and follow me"...Matthew 16:24

The Bible tells us that we can't work our way into heaven (thank goodness) but once we ARE Christians - we can't just sit around waiting for Heaven.

We are here to know Him and to make Him known. 

If you read Proverbs 31 about the portrait of a Godly woman, she wasn't calling up her friends and talking about what everyone was doing wrong. She wasn't publicly calling out companies (and why do we expect the lost to act like they aren't lost????).  She wasn't being hateful to people with righteous indignation.

She was acting out her faith.

She got up in the dark and made food for her family.
She bought fields and planted vineyards
She was sewing
She was giving to the poor and needy
She made clothes for her family and to sell for profit
She watched over her household and did not "eat the bread of idleness"
She speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction.

When we are busy acting out faith, we don't have a lot of time to be worried what others are doing.  When we are giving to the poor and helping the needy, we aren't so busy worrying about what we don't have.
When we are serving and loving on others, we aren't looking at their faults and shortcomings.
When we are reading God's word daily and spending time meditating on His goodness, we desperately want others to KNOW HIM.

When we focus on the main thing we are here for - to prepare for Eternity - the mess of this world matter a lot less than the people around us and their souls.

Yes we should stand up and speak up for the truth.  But I think that means sharing the Gospel more than it means anything else.  I don't care if anyone I meet in life knows where I stand on every political issue.  I want them to know where my faith was and how much I want them to know Jesus.

No one needs to know my opinion on every controversial topic.  You need to know that I only want you to know that the God who created the earth loves you with an unconditional, unbridled, unbelievable love and He wants you!!!

How about with the time we have left in 2015, we give more. We serve more. We do more for the kingdom.

I think God's got the rest.

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