Thursday, November 12, 2015

Just some random stuff........

This post has no point - just a bunch of random stuff I thought I would share. 

Tuesday night I went to a fundraiser dinner for the CALL.  The CALL is a Christian organization in Arkansas who supports foster families through local churches.  I have several friends who have been foster parents and the CALL has helped them so much.  They help to get the paperwork done quickly and connect you with other families and they help provide things like clothes and diapers quickly when they take in kids.  My friend Jessica in the picture with me has fostered several kids.  We heard from a local pastor/business man who grew up in foster care.  His story was just so unbelievable and yet the reality for so many kids all over our country.  It was amazing to see how he broke the cycle and found God and changed the course of his life.  I was so inspired by him and so broken of the thousands of kids who don't have loving parents they are safe with.  Our governor also spoke and he expressed his support for what the Call is doing. If you are looking for something to support - the CALL is doing amazing work. 

I love to get to have lunch with Harper at school from time to time.  I surprised her yesterday and showed up.  She was so excited.  She wanted me to stay all day! I'm soaking up all the days she is happy to have me at school and not embarrassed by me. ha! Will Holden loved looking at all the kids.  

 If you are looking for a cute outfit for any upcoming holiday parties - my cousin has a cute boutique you should check out! I love all the clothes she has!

Are you watching the Voice??? It's maybe one of my favorite shows! I love the interaction with the judges and they make me laugh so hard and they are so encouraging to the contestants and the talent is always so great! Barrett Baber just made it to the Top 12 and I'm so excited! He went to OBU and now lives in NWA and is just so talented!!! If you are watching - you need to vote for him!!!

And finally - it's that time of year where we are looking for calendars and planners and gifts for Christmas! Another OBU friend has the CUTEST CUTEST shop! She has BEAUTIFUL scripture calendars that are just works of art! And she also has art work for framing and my favorite things are her new hoop art! She has all kinds of designs and little mini hoops for ornaments! CLEARLY the deer is my favorite and I am going to get it for Will Holden's room!!!! You need to visit it - I bet you would find the perfect thing you have been looking for!

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