Sunday, November 08, 2015

Fall Favorites

Friday my parents came over to do some stuff in our town and they came back when the girls were out of school.  I had already planned to take the girls to a big Toy Fair in town after school and I was SO thankful they came with me because it was CRAZY!

Because I live in the home of Walmart - we get a lot of cool stuff in our town.  We have a thing called "First Friday" every month on our town square.  It involves a lot of food trucks and booths and music.  In November, all the toy vendors in town bring the new toys and set up tents.  Thankfully we have Disney and Nickelodeon and Mattel and everyone else and they all do little give aways and bring characters like Peppa Pig and Hello Kitty and Minions and Paw Patrol for the kids to meet.  It's SO fun but I think every kid in the tri state area and their parents were there.  It was a madhouse. But my girls had the best time!

Saturday morning we were all up and ready by about 6:45 so we decided to go a park and take some family pictures.  I ran by a baby shower quickly and then we met up for lunch on our square.  It was just a really nice relaxed day.  

 Fall is just my favorite.

That afternoon we watched the Hogs play Ole Miss.  We assumed we would get beat because our season has not been the best.  But you just never know.  It ended up being probably my favorite game ever. It was so close the entire game and then we tied it at the end with an incredible play and then won in overtime. 
So of course we had to break out victory outfits for Sunday.  Will is busting out of his outfit but he is just in the middle of a huge growth spurt.  He's out growing clothes faster than I can keep up! 

But look at the cute smile! 

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