Sunday, November 01, 2015

Halloween Weekend

It's been an eventful weekend! 

The Pioneer Woman's new cookbook came out last week and she did a book signing at a local Walmart on Friday.  My friend Marci (who is practically a Pioneer woman herself) LOVES her so I thought it would be fun to go together to get our books signed!!!!

Oh you know - just me and my BFF Ree laughing! 

Will Holden was not amused.  But look how cute he is in his "ranch" overalls!

We have always done family themes with the girls and they honestly think it's so fun.  I would be happy for them to pick their own costumes but they love doing something together.  A movie they love is "Wizard of Oz" so I knew that would be a perfect fit for this year.  I had originally planned for Scott and I to be scarecrow and tin man but I was just so tired this year that I kept it to just the kids.  

I mean - how cute?

Harper had a school costume carnival Friday night and there was also a men's event at church so I took the kids myself.  There was 1000 people packed into a cafeteria and it was at least 1000 degrees in there and SO loud.  Let's just say we didn't last long. 

This was my favorite picture of the weekend - right before we went trick or treating.  

People ask me how I manage to get three kids looking and  smiling.  Let's just say it involves a lot of jumping around and singing.  Will Holden will smile for me every time I sing "Who let the dogs out?"  

For the last five or six years we always go to Laurie and Steve's house and eat pizza and trick or treat their neighborhood.  Their neighborhood gets real into it so it's a lot of fun.  It's like my girls' Super Bowl - they have SO much fun.  

I made us a dirt cake with worms.  It seemed like the perfect dessert. 

Our friend Caroline joined the girls.  We had the best time and now I have to hide the candy from us all.  

Today is our 12th anniversary.  

We have lived a lot of life between these two pictures.  Thankful for him.

We celebrated by having a normal Sunday at church.  We went out to eat with Laurie and Steve and all the girls.  Which seems fair since we all went out to eat on their anniversary night.  Hopefully we will get a night out alone soon! :-) 

and now it's November.

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