Friday, October 30, 2015

A little of This and a Little of That

This has been a busy week for us! We have had a lot going on but it's all fun so time is just flying by! 

Harper lost another tooth (#7!) at school this week so we had to take a trip to Sonic to celebrate! I was mostly celebrating the fact that I didn't have to pull the tooth! Loose teeth give me the heebies.  Harper has pulled all of her own teeth and for that I'm grateful.  

We couldn't find the little tooth Pillow that hangs on her door for easy access for the Tooth Fairy so the tooth had to go under the pillow.  I was so nervous about the whole "transacaion" but luckily I have heavy sleepers! 

We are having red ribbon week (along with every other school in America I guess) and Wednesday was Pajama day.  Other wise known as Harper's favorite day of the year! She didn't have any size/weather appropriate pajamas so I had to make an emergency visit to Walmart after a baby shower Tuesday night and found these.  Aren't they cute????? I was prepared for character pjs but I loved these!!! I wish they were in my size! 

This girl. 

She has my number.  

She wanted ice cream one day this week and I said no.  She said "Isn't Christmas coming soon?" I was like "Yes".  She said "Isn't that Jesus' Birthday?" and I said "Yes" and she said " Then maybe we could get ice cream to celebrate Jesus' birthday".  Good try Hollis.

 But No. 

She had her preschool fall party on Wednesday.  She had a blast along with her BFF Joseph.  

Wednesday night at AWANA was Costume night.  I didn't want to break out our real costumes for this because we still have two nights to wear them so we just dug into the costume drawer.  I tried to give Harper a crown braid.  She was pretty proud to be queen.  She insisted on this stance! 

My friend Susan is doing a weekly video inspiration series on Facebook.  It's "Seconds with Susan" and she can give a lot of great Biblical and Christian counseling wisdom.  She came over yesterday for a while.  Will Holden just LOVES her.  He spends the whole time smiling and laughing at her.  

Last night I went with a group of friends from church to a fundraising dinner for Loving Choices.  Loving choices is an organization that works with pregnant women to choose life and also is there for them all through their pregnancy and for the first year of their baby to help them with support, counseling, basic needs and classes.  I'm so thankful of the work they do in our community.  Tony Evans spoke and he is AMAZING! We had the best time!

On another note I have completely lost my voice and can't talk about a whisper.  You don't realize how much you talk or how much you need a voice until yours is gone.  Trying to get my kids ready for school today by whispering was not fun to say the least.  

Have a good weekend and enjoy that extra hour of sleep! I know I will!

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