Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Dressing for Holiday pictures with Stitch Fix (and Win $50 Credit!!!)

It's that time of year again.

Time to get that family picture made to fill the frames in your house and to appear on your annual Christmas Card! Am I right? My social media is filled with my friends planning out their outfits for family pictures.  

I've told y'all many times how much I like Stitch Fix.  With three kids, it's not easy for me to get out and shop and I get stuck in a rut of choosing the same style over and over.  I may even be guilty of getting things in 3 colors if I like them because it's easier than finding a different style.  So for a stylist to look over my sizes and wishes and send me a box of things to choose from that I might not pick myself, it's like a dream come true! 

And it can be the answer to your wardrobe issues for anything from an upcoming family get together and office parties to family pictures! 

The key is to let the stylist know when you make your profile (or update your profile) that you have pictures coming up or that you have a vacation coming up that you need a special outfit for.  You could probably give them a color wheel to pull from if you wanted to and see what they come up with.

In my last box, I had requested some cute fall clothes.  I got the wine colored dress above and I loved it.  It's short sleeve so I could wear it in the spring/summer or I can add a cardigan or a lace jacket like I did and it would be great for fall pictures. 

Apparently this is the color of the season because they also sent me this lace dress.  I liked it on it's own but I wore it to a casual outside dinner so I added a jean jacket.  

With these options in mind - I went in search of ideas for how the family could match me! :-) 

Will Holden has that jean romper already from Gap so I thought it would be fun to go with a wine and denim theme.  Harper had the butterfly dress from Zara on the bottom.  It has several shades of blue and maroon on it and was a great tie in.  And then I thought Hollis could use something like a denim dress with maybe a fur vest or that maroon dress on top is from Zara.  And Scott could always wear a denim shirt.  

I got this dress from Stitch Fix this summer and I LOVE it.  If we were doing spring pictures, I would wear it.  I just thought I would show another example of things I love that Stitch Fix has sent me.  They also always seem to send me pants that fit well.  That's an area I struggle with.  I know you think I never wear jeans but I do occasionally and it's always jeans that I got through Stitch Fix because they miraculously always fit.  (Unlike the 57 pairs I always seem to try on in stores).  

So I have a fun thing for you today!!

If you haven't tried Stitch Fix yet and you would like to  - especially if you are looking for something great to wear for holiday pictures or parties - I'm giving away TWO $50 gift cards to two of you who sign up!  Just sign up on the raffle copter! 

And then come back in two weeks because I'm going to be giving away THREE $100 gift cards to Minted.com who you can do your Christmas cards through once you get your pictures made!!!

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