Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Two Birthdays

We had a couple of important birthdays over the weekend! 

 Will Holden is six months!!!!


That was the fastest six months ever.  I feel like I just came home from the hospital.  

Will - you are the happiest, sweetest boy!!! 
You are eating baby food and have loved everything you have tried.  
You weigh around 18 pounds and wear a 6-9 month size and size 3 diapers.
You sleep from 6:30 until around 6 the next morning! (PRAISE GOD!)

You would take two good naps if we are home and you are able to.  

You like to play in the exersaucer and sit in the high chair.  

You are rolling and can sit up by yourself for a few seconds. 

 Look at how much you have grown!!!!!!
 The Stamps babies at six months.

You ADORE your sisters and the feelings are mutual.  You all just light up around each other! 

I can't talk about you without smiling so big my face hurts and I get teary eyed because you are just the most precious gift I've ever been given.  Your smile and laugh just bring more joy to my heart than I knew possible! 

And I'm also now the mom of a teenager!

Dawson turned 13.  He's a grumpy old man who is very firm on schedules.  He mostly sleeps and likes to have his meals at a certain time and his bed moved to our bedroom by 8 each night.  We are so glad for the years we have had with this little fella! 

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