Wednesday, September 09, 2015

A little of this and A little of that

I want to remind you first that Friday I will be hosting a link up for any parents of special needs kids. My hope and prayer is that somehow if this is you - you will find someone else on the same road and it will make you feel less alone and maybe make a friend or maybe find out information that will help.   I know a LOT of you don't have blogs so we are going to have an Instagram link up as well.  We will use the hashtag #KKspecialkids.  Please join in and tell your friends who might have an interest. 

So this is Amy.  She and I grew up in neighboring small towns.  She dated one of my guy friends in high school and was at my senior prom.  Then about 7 years ago - she contacted me about something blog related and we got to know each other and have been "social media" friends ever since.  We live near each other and have about 10,000 mutual friends but for whatever reason we have never met.  She opened up the CUTEST store a year ago called Euna Mae's and I have been dying to visit but I just haven't had the chance.  Last week I finally got to visit and talk to her in person.  She was exactly as I imagined - I feel like we were destined to be friends. :-)

If you live in NWA and haven't been to Euna Mae's you are missing out (or follow her on IG).  I had a really fun day.  Laurie, Melinda and I met up and did a little shopping at cute boutiques and then had lunch.  Will Holden seemed to enjoy a "ladies day".  ha! Melinda and I laugh because we are always showing up in the same clothes.  We went to a little clothes shop (Beyond Urban in Springdale if you are local - it's SOOOO cute) and I found a top on sale for $15.  Melinda was so mad because she wanted it and they said it was the only one.  I was having to pray about whether I should let her have it (ha ha ha) when she looked at a rack in the back and found another one! So now we have another matching outfit. :-)

Nothing big to share here except this little boy is just growing fast.  He's so sweet.  He was sleeping through the night and I guess we have hit the 4 month regression.  He has started waking at night and staying awake for like two hours.  I'm so tired but it's so adorable because he doesn't cry or scream - he just talks and laughs.  It's hard for me to be mad that I'm awake at 3 a.m. when he's just laughing and babbling like it's the middle of the day.  

We are so excited it's football season.  How cute is this boy in a jersey? 

My three little Pigs.

Does this little guy look excited to be watching his first ever football game with his daddy? 

We had a low key Labor Day weekend.  We mostly spent a lot of time at home watching football and working around the house.  I can't believe it's already fall (well almost technically).  Where did the year go?

Yesterday our women's Bible study started back.  We are doing this study and I'm excited about it.  I feel like the business of life and just the bustle of caring for three kids that my joy is sometimes not what it should be (even thought I have EVERY reason to be full of joy).  It's good to take a step back and recapture that joy.

And a big part of finding joy is to live in an attitude of gratitude.

And now I have a request for you - 

Will you share with me how you instill gratitude in your children? And send me pictures of your family? I'm working on a November article for Celebrate Arkansas.  They always request me to ask my readers to contribute! So please email me!!!

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