Monday, September 07, 2015

Sam's and Baby Stuff

So I need to admit something.  I'm borderline obsessed with Sam's Club.  I had kind of dropped off from them for a few years but in the last few months, we started a diet consists mainly of protein and vegetables and we have a baby that goes through diapers and formula like it's his job.  So I found myself back at Sam's and now it's a weekly highlight.  

And it's one of the few places that I actually enjoy taking all three kids.  They LOVE going because of the free samples (who doesn't?) and they like looking at everything.   So when Acorn asked me if I would blog about Sam's and all the great baby stuff they have - I was excited to because this is my life.  

September is Baby Month at Sam's Club and they have more baby stuff that you probably think.  It makes my life easier to go and stock up and then I don't have to constantly go to the grocery store.  I love getting a huge box of diapers.  I also really love getting a big box of wipes - they seem to last forever and I don't know about you but I use a ton of wipes (probably even more with the girls than with Will Holden - I'm constantly wiping something up).  

Sam's has great deals on formula and since we fly through that also I'm so glad I can get it there as well.  And Will Holden is glad his bottle is staying full! 

Sam's also has equipment like car seat and bouncy seats and sippy cups! 

And one of my favorite things they carry are cute Carter pajamas for cheap prices and even bigger kid clothes! I got Harper several cute swim suits at Sam's this summer for $12 and I found Will Holden these tractor pajamas for $7.  

There are also baby shampoos, lotions, Dreft detergent, diaper creme and infant tylenol.  And you can get food items too like cheerios and juice and fresh fruit and vegetables! And they even have my favorite cupcakes when it comes time for birthday parties! 

I hit Sam's last week and came home with all the necessities for a few weeks.  The sippy cups are for future use.  

Oh and did I mention Sam's has coke Icees that I can drink while I shop? It's like a little piece of heaven.

And now YOU can enter to win a $50 gift card to Sam's to buy your favorite baby needs! (or grown up necessities). 

$50 Sam's Club Gift Card Giveaway

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