Thursday, September 10, 2015

Special Needs Kids Link Up

Today is a day that I hope will benefit any parents of special need kids.

If you will please link up and put in the title what the specific special need is (i.e. autism, cancer, sensory disorder, hearing loss, etc).  That way mothers can find each other.  Please link to a post that you have written about the specific special need.

If you do not have a blog - you can also link up through IG by posting about your family/child, etc and using hashtag #KKspecialkids.

My prayer is that maybe this will help you find people in the same shoes so you can get answers, ideas or just not feel alone.  Please share this with any friends you may have that might benefit!

(If you would like to do more of these link ups in the future - let me know what you are interested in (single moms, moms of teens, infertility, etc?).

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