Monday, August 03, 2015

Last Week of Summer

Last week was our last week of summer.  Our school is year round so we have a short summer but breaks during the rest of the year.   I tried to have a little fun last week with the girls.  We had so much fun that I barely took any pictures.

Monday my friend Amber was in town.  She and her family moved away three years ago and I miss her.  We only had a chance to run up and see her for a few quick minutes but I jumped at the chance.  And I'm so sad I didn't take a picture.

When we got home, my parents were here for a visit.  They had been keeping my niece and they brought her by to see my girls.  Will Holden was thrilled to see his grandparents, can't you tell? ha ha ha!

Tuesday morning we met a new friend Sarah and her kids at the splash park.  Once again I took no pictures.  But I had a great time visiting with Sarah.  She has kids almost the same age as mine.  

Wednesday we met our friend Joseph to bowl.  Hollis whooped everyone.  Will Holden did NOT love bowling.  (If you can sense a pattern here, he doesn't love doing much. It's been a tough balance of trying to take the girls out for fun and keeping him from screaming.)

I was able to attend Leslie Sisti's memorial service Wednesday.  It was a beautiful reflection of her life.  I'm going to put up a post in the next day or so of some different ways people have reached out to help her family that you might be interested in.  I was trying to get all the details before I posted. 

Wednesday night was meet the teacher night at school.  I think we have a very good one this year.  Everyone I talk to raves about her so we are very excited! 

Thursday we went swimming.  Harper was mad at me for making her wear a life jacket because she swims pretty well but I couldn't get in the water since I had Will Holden and water makes me nervous so I made her wear it any way. We went straight from swimming to speech therapy. 

Friday we had a really fun day.  I had to go to a few stores first and the girls were great.  Then we went and had their nails and toe nails painted.  I did this last year right before school started and then we shopped for school supplies and I thought it was a fun tradition.  The girls thought it was the best thing ever.  (Of course they did - I didn't have my first pedicure until I was like 25! ha!) Harper kept saying "This is the best day I've ever had"! ha! 

We got all of our school supplies and then we went to lunch at a place they love.  And Will Holden was actually a good sport that day and we got him home in time for a long nap.  I needed one too at this point. 

And now as quickly as it began, our summer is officially over and this is kind of how we feel about it.  Hollis still has a few weeks until her preschool starts and Will Holden will be alone with me before too long!  I actually feel like our summer was JUST long enough.  The girls had started having too much togetherness and the bickering was getting a little crazy.  And Harper was SOOOO excited and ready to go back and see her friends.  She loves school! 

Good bye Summer! 

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