Thursday, July 30, 2015

Weight Loss Update

Tomorrow I'm going to share a few ways you can help Leslie Sisti's family if you are interested.  I was able to attend her funeral today and it was a beautiful tribute but heartbreaking.  Next week I will get back to doing our tour of the United States (but if you live in Colorado or Connecticut - I need you to email me at and share all your favorite places with me!)

Well, it's been three months since I had Will Holden.

And because I told you before I wanted to be accountable - I'm going to give a weight loss update.  I will try to do this monthly until I meet my goal (and maybe after to see how maintaining goes - because let's be realistic - that's equally hard).

I've had ups and downs.

Right around the time I decided to focus on losing weight, I also quit breastfeeding.  The weight had been coming off quickly but that came to a halt.  And I would start off eating well and then we would decide to go eat Mexican food.  Or a friend would invite me to eat somewhere or I would find a stash of Oreos in the cupboard.  (I'm trying to just be completely honest).  I will be the first to say that a lot of my entertainment and rewards are bound up in food and I'm trying to change that.

Also, exercise has been very hit or miss.  My only form of exercise right now is trying to walk each night but it rained for about three weeks straight which messed me up.  I try to go later at night once Will Holden is in bed and the girls are ready for bed but that can sometimes be 8:30 and then I have about 20 minutes of light left.  And sometimes I'm just tired at the end of the day and don't feel like it.   I would love to set an alarm and work out early in the morning but I never stick to that.  So I'm working on this.  I hope to join a gym this fall so that will help.  It's just plain hard as a mom to do everything you need to do and take care of everyone you need to and still carve out time to work out (and to have the energy to).

So finally two weeks ago, Scott and I went back to a clinic that we have done before to lose weight.  Scott has had great success on their program and I had JUST started losing weight LAST JULY when I found out I was pregnant in August and had to quit.  I was up a few pounds to 170 when we went in two weeks ago and this morning I was 160.  I will share more about this program next month after I see how it goes.

It mostly has us eating whole foods - a lot of vegetables and protein.  No sugar.  Very little carbs.  I've traded in diet coke for water (well, I still sneak in maybe one a day but I'm working on it).  I've rid the house of much of anything besides these foods.  It's actually not a hard diet to be on.  We don't eat out right now.  And it's working.  My girls even decided they like salmon (you have no idea how picky they are - that's huge!)

I know there are a million ways that you can lose weight.  I think everyone can find something that works for them and I don't know that any way is better than any other.  It really boils down to eating healthy and exercise and drinking water.  That sounds easy but in this world of busyness and fast food - it's not always as easy as it sounds.

My clothes are fitting a little bit better.  And I'm feeling a little better about myself.  I feel like I look in the mirror and I'm beginning to recognize the old Kelly again.  I still have a way to go but I just look forward to having a little more confidence and feeling healthy and not sluggish. That's really what I'm after - to stay young to keep up with my kids! No one is trying to be a bikini model here.

So here are the humbling pictures.  Sometimes when I'm tempted to eat ice cream - I just remember that I'm going to post a picture of myself on here and have to show some progress and I can choose a handful of almonds instead. ha!

Obviously you can't tell a big difference in 6 pounds but I am down 30 pounds since having Will Holden and I'm happy about that! 

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