Friday, August 21, 2015

Fours, Fall and Fear

It's been an eventful week. 

Monday we hit the dentist.  This picture is my favorite because it's a typical day at the Stamps house. Harper is always happy.  Hollis was mad because "they drew a smiley face on Harper's toothbrush bag and NOT HERS".  It's always something to be mad about in her four year old middle child life.  It's almost hilarious the things she finds to cry about.  Hmmmm boy.  

I got a new stitch fix box and they sent the cutest top and some great jeans that fit for fall! I'm telling you - changing my age to 28 was the greatest thing I ever did.  If you feel like trying it - just roll your age back.  Unless you are already 20.  Then don't worry - you can wear anything you want! 

Hollis had preschool open house on Wednesday.  We have had Mrs. Pam for three years between my girls and we adore her.  I have made her promise to stay four more years so Will Holden can have her! 

This girl is SOOOO excited for school to start! 

August in Arkansas always means 90 degree days and high humidity and lots and lots of sweat.

But for whatever reason it was in the 60's this week.  I don't know what to do with that except buy mums and drive to starbucks.  I had to find warmer clothes for my girls to wear to school.  It's weird. 

BUT I'm not complaining. 

A new snow cone place opened this week and they have dole whips.  And they are amazing! (this is not on my diet but I had a kid size one anyway). 

My girls loved the snow cones but they also loved that they have spoons that change color when they get cold even more.  

Hollis idolizes her big sister so she is counting down the minutes until she can be at school with her.  She also wants to have homework like her so when they sent home some work for preschool she was absolutely thrilled.  She carried around her folder the rest of the day talking about her "homework".  She's way ahead of where Harper was at this age and I don't feel like I've worked with her at all.  

Harper has started wanting to pick out her own clothes this year and I'm totally fine with it.  I'm glad she wants to express her style.  She LOVES dresses and hates pants.  
I had a 504 meeting at school this week about her hearing aids and the assistant principal and teacher and nurse all told me that they just loved how Harper is always smiling and happy and full of joy.  She really is - I don't know what I did to deserve her.  
(And yet when she was two I cried a lot and wanted to bang my head against the wall.  Hard work and patience pay off when they are six or seven. )

LOCAL friends - we have a big event coming back up next Thursday at our church.  It's completely free - no tickets necessary! Just show up!!! It's going to be amazing! And Beth Moore sent us a personal selfie video talking about anxiety just for us! (She grew up with my friend Susan who is leading this!)  I hope to see you there!!!!!!

(This WILL be live streamed.  I will provide the link the day of!!)

And finally - just had to include this guy! I'm happy to have days alone with him now that school is back in swing! He's just the sweetest blessing! 

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