Monday, August 24, 2015

First day of preschool

Sweet Hollis started preschool on Friday.  She was SOOOO ready to go to school.  I have to admit I like having her home.  When it's just her and Will Holden she is really helpful and she is great to run errands with.  She's really good to take places and just loves to help me.  She's so quiet normally around others but when it's just me and her, she will talk my ear off.   But I will still have two days where she is home with me.  

She wanted a picture with her backpack and lunch box.  She is very serious about school and so ready to read.  She is determined to know all of her ABC's so she can start reading.  She really already knows them but I can't convince her of that.  She writes her name and has been working on spelling out other words.  

Scott always tells me that Hollis is my mini me.  In looks and personality.  She has my stubbornness. And my dimple.  And my brown eyes. 

This is the last year for Hollis and her best friend Joseph to be together.  They will go to different kindergartens next year and they are already sad about that.  They are inseperable and so funny together.  They just giggle and Hollis bosses him around.  She's a "one friend" kind of girl and I'm glad her one friend is Joseph.  He has the sweetest parents and we are thankful for their family.  

Maybe if I still write this blog in 20 years (ha) - you can check back in and see if they really do end up married. 

This is our forth and last year at our preschool.  It has been a special place to both my girls.  I can't believe how quickly Hollis has gone from that little toddler to a confident little girl. 

And next year Will Holden will be holding the sign as he goes to MDO.  At least I will have four more years to enjoy that place! 

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