Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Be a Light

I shared this on Instagram but I know that a lot of you aren't on there and it bears repeating:

Had a special morning with our women's ministry team praying over our church preschool and MDO (mother's day out). 
My heart is very tender towards this because when I was 2 we didn't go to church and my dad wasn't a Christian. My mom put me in a MDO in a Baptist church and they were so loving that she began to attend church there and eventually got my dad to go and he was saved there. 
And just retired after 30 years as a pastor. 
The course of our lives were changed by a church MDO. (And the Holy Spirit working) 

Be a light no matter what you do - you never know how it might completely change a person's life for them to see Jesus in you.

So many of us feel like we need to do "big things" for God.  We think if we don't have a big platform and aren't speaking or writing books or going overseas, then we aren't making an impact.  And yet some of the most powerful kingdom work that is done is in the shadows of teaching children at preschool or making a meal for a neighbor who is sick or giving to someone in need.  You may never see the large oak tree that grows out of the tiny seed that you plant but that doesn't mean it's not important work.

Can we be a light today and pray for each other? I have a couple of prayer requests and then if you could add yours in the comments and/or commit to pray for at least one of these requests listed?

Lyndsie Brooker has been a blog friend of mine for pretty much forever.  She is a beautiful mom of two precious children.  And she is fighting ovarian cancer for the 4th time at the age of 28.  She desperately needs our prayers.  

And please also pray for Haley, a young wife who just lost her baby boy Chandler when she was 7 months pregnant with him.  She is sharing her story here if you could lift her up.

Please leave your requests below and let's pray for one another. 

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