Monday, August 17, 2015

Finishing the Race

Two of my favorite guys had really big weekends this past weekend. 

First, this boy had his first out of town trip.  We travelled to may parents house for a couple of days. He did so great (except in the car which he hates riding in with the passion of a thousand hot burning suns.) (Which is really squashing our hopes of driving 12 hours to the beach in two months).  

Saturday night my mom made burgers and the best buttermilk pie.  I've always turned up my nose at buttermilk pie because it doesn't sound too exciting but I tasted it and wow have I been missing out. 

My aunt Linda came over and she had cleaned out all of jewelry (which she is the jewelry queen) and brought my girls boxes of stuff.  They were so excited!!! She spoils them! 

This is a picture from church but the church secretary from my dad's church Jacquie and her husband Dave also joined us for dinner.  They are very special to our family.  I babysat their boys when they were just babies and now they are grown and one is married a dad himself. 

The real reason we were there was for this guy! 

My dad retired and had his last Sunday after 30 years as pastor at the same church.  They had an emotional service to honor him.  He's the only pastor many in that church have ever known so it is very bittersweet for him to step down.  My parents are leaving the church to make way for them to find a new pastor.  And they are entering a weird season of no longer being in full time ministry.  Although my dad will continue to go on mission trips and train pastors all over the world and hopefully preach occasionally.  (If your pastor needs a fill in - call him!) ha! 

My dad was saved at 29 (after telling my mom he would NOT go to church with her) and was called into the ministry in his 30's.  We went to seminary and we were poor but I was so happy! And he became a pastor at 37.  Following God's call is never easy but there is no better place to be than in the center of His will.   Thankful for parents who modeled that for me. 

Me and my babies before church on Sunday.  

Will Holden looks like he is trying to get away from me.  Or maybe it's my awkward hold. 

Grateful for these people

My girls were so excited to be at Papa's church to celebrate him.

We had a normal church service and then they had a huge catered lunch.  It was SO perfectly southern Baptist - fried chicken and Barbecue with a potluck of desserts. It was so nice! 

These two sisters are two of my oldest and dearest friends.  We have 30 years of memories and friendship and it's so easy to pick it back up when we see each other.  I was so happy they came back and I got to see them.   They are the two sweetest, kindest people I have ever known. 

And these are our parents together.  Our families have so many memories together.  Randy has been the volunteer music minister for over 30 years.  In a day when people are pretty flaky when it comes to service, I'm always in awe of the commitment he has had in serving in that way.  He's also President of Ranger Boats but he always has given his time to lead music.  I'm so grateful to know their family. 

This verse definitely makes me think of my dad and his ministry:

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.  2 Tim 4:7

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