Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Second Milk

Today I want to share with you a really new and unique ministry that a couple I know have started.  I met Jason and Lacey a couple of years ago right before they were leaving here after selling everything they owned to go work at an orphanage in Malawi Africa.  They were friends of a lot of friends I had and I so admired the passion they had to serve God.
They have returned home to start a new ministry that tugs at my heart since I just had a baby.  I think most of us who are parents will be touched by this.  Lacey is going to share this in her words for you. Maybe this is something some of you will be interested in getting involved with.

But first I want you to see a picture of the Carneys and their family - they are following God's calling in their lives and I'm praying their ministry is blessed.

What do you do when people are knocking? When you are supposed to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  You seek out God's will for your life and hopefully you answer the door!

That's basically 2nd Milk in a nutshell.  We lived in Malawi Africa and that's the need that kept arising. Mommas dying or so malnourished they couldn't feed their babies.

Every baby has a story. Each unique yet the same.  The same...starvation.  I actually don't allow my children to say they are starving to death anymore.  (If they do...they could "mouth" my response back...promise)

I will never forget the response and happiness from grandmas, aunts, family so incredibly grateful for giving them hope when it would've been totally acceptable to let the baby die.  Don't get me wrong it's not that they want that. It's just viewed differently when there isn't another option like WIC or food stamps, or DHS coming and taking the children.  Life is what it is there.  There are no handouts unless someone with a giving heart and funding from a 1st world country step in.  It feels like a never ending cycle....

We hope to help bring change and a brake in that cycle.  It's not a two year plan or even a 5 year plan. Our prayer is that in the next generations maybe just maybe Jesus will use the people, including 2nd Milk, he's put in place in Malawi to bring about this change.

2nd Milk looks like this:
Give life (formula and nutrition) to a baby until they are two through sponsorships-step one.  We are also partnering with a church in Texas (more info to come at a later date) to provide the spiritual food as they are coming to get formula and/or porridge!!
Step two-a for-profit business here in the U.S. we hope to get rolling over the next year to feed them from the time they are 2 to 5 years.
Then the last step- 5 years to 18 we are praying God opens the doors to build chicken houses, using the income from that for private Christian schools.  The chicken houses will not only allow more protein for a malnourished country, but jobs for the same families that struggled to provide for these babies.

Sometimes for whatever reason families can't/don't sustain the babies with the formula and training we give them.  That's where the adoption piece comes in.  We have already brought one precious little girl, Maya Faith, over through 2nd Milk because finding a forever home was the best option for her!  Her story is an unbelievable God story for another post. :)

It feels so overwhelming and then I'm reminded God can choose just 1 to bring change for the whole world!  Are we that change for just 1 child, 1 country or 1 great big world?  That is the question.  The thing is...I don't care about the answer.  If it's even it's worth it! :) Sometimes I crack myself up...get it "baby" because it's babies we are helping and "it's worth it" because of the song!!!! Hahahaha. Sorry I'm done.

If you don't believe me...come with us! Next year we want to gather a team and head on over!  Can't head over, but can #GiveLife or just give to #2ndMilk? (scroll or click on Give Life) or


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