Monday, July 06, 2015

God Bless America

We had a great Fourth of July! It's always one of my favorite holidays.  

Scott's parents came up and brought the girls home on Friday.  We were sooooo glad to see them.  Scott's dad celebrated his 70th birthday on Sunday so we spent the weekend honoring him! 

Friday night we took everyone to a Japenese steak house.  The girls had never been and we knew they would love it.  Can you see Harper's face as they did the onion volcano? She loved it! and I was making the same face a little while later because the waitress came over and told us that a guy sitting at our table (just a young, single guy) paid for our entire meal? I nearly died.  And I had huge tears - I couldn't believe anyone would do something so randomly nice.  We did get a chance to thank him but I was still so flabbergasted! There is still a lot of kindness in the world thank goodness! 

Saturday we just enjoyed being with family and these three little firecrackers! 

We always celebrate with Laurie and Steve and I love looking back at pictures of how they have grown! And I LOVE the red, white and blue! In fact, one of my friends wrote on Facebook that she just loved that fact that for one day everyone seemed to drop all the fighting and there was nothing but happy pictures of families in these beautiful colors smiling and having fun and we were all for once bonded over our love for our country.  It really was a nice change of pace. 

Our five babies together this year! 

I LOVE this picture of my kids.  Hollis made that pose all on her own. ha! 

If you would have told me on the fourth last year that this year I would be celebrating with a baby boy - I would have fallen over laughing.  Never in my wildest dreams this time last year did I think that this would be our family and I have never been happier!!! Just look at that sweet little blue eyed boy - God's ways are so much better than my own! 

We grilled hamburgers and had birthday cake to celebrate both Bill and the USA! (Will was thrilled!)

And then we shot off fireworks1 The kids had so much fun but I'm pretty sure it was the men who had the best time! 

She's always got a little light that's shining! 

I thought Hollis was pouting because she started acting real quiet and sad and sometimes she gets her feelings hurt when she's the baby of the group and I kept asking her what was wrong until we finally felt her - she was burning up with fever.  Bless her heart.  She spent all day yesterday sleeping and had to miss the first day of VBS today.  My kids are rarely sick.  In fact, I don't think either one has really been sick in a few years so I hate that they are sick in the fun part of summer especially.  But she seems to be a little better today! 

Happy Independence Day! 

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