Sunday, July 12, 2015

Jesus in Her Heart

Last week was one of our favorite weeks of the year  - Vacation Bible School!!! Our church does an amazing job with our VBS.  We around 600-700 kids attend! 

This was my first year not to help since Harper was born but I decided I would sit out since Will Holden is so little and I know that I have at least 12 years ahead of me of working! It ended up being a good thing I didn't plan to work because Hollis got some kind of fever virus/strep throat and she ended up having to miss the whole week.  I was so bummed for her. 

This was Harper's first year to be in the "big kid" VBS.  She had the BEST time! I love that I had friends working all over VBS who would send me pictures of my girl during the day! 

Hollis got to see her little besties when we picked Harper up each day.  They were all so sad not to be together for the week.  I love seeing her little friendships grow! The favorite part of VBS is the music and we always get the CD which we will be listening to in the car from now until I accidentally "lose the CD".  ha ha! 

The best part of the week is that on Thursday, Harper went forward and asked Jesus in her heart! She was thrilled when I picked her up to tell me she had been saved.  We had speech therapy after VBS so I spent the whole 45 minutes there asking her questions to see if she really knew what it all meant.  Scott came home and did the same thing.  We had always said we wanted her to be older and truly understand what getting saved means.  But she was so excited and really understands the basics and I realized she has a child like faith Jesus wants for all of us.  He said "let the children come unto me" and we can't hold her back.  She understand exactly what any six year old can understand about God and she will grow in her knowledge of Him as she grows.  We have a responsibility as her parents to disciple her and help her to learn to read the Bible and pray and grow in her faith.  Being a Christian is a lifetime of following Christ and we hope she will keep a passion for Him.  I was saved at six also and I've never doubted my salvation.  

I have had a few friends give me the idea to write her a letter and tell her the date of her salvation and what she understands of her faith right now.  That way she can always look back and know that she trusted God.  I also plan to get her a necklace with her spiritual birthday and her baptism date so she can treasure it.  Our pastor always talks about knowing the date we were saved and I want her to celebrate the day she was changed! 

My friend Angie sent me this picture of her in the gym as our children's pastor was talking the kids through the plan of salvation.  She said a lot of kids were squirmy but Harper's attention was captured  and she was intent on what he was saying.  

I'm so proud to be her mom and I'm so glad that we are now sisters in Christ! 

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