Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Summer of Home

OKAY - I need any of you who live in CALIFORNIA to email me your favorite things about your state (where to visit, eat, shop, what to do, etc).  It's a big state so I need a lot of recs!!!! 

We are finally having a lazy summer week.  We can sleep in, not get ready until noon, and just lay around if we want to.  It's been really nice. 

I have a felt a little guilt (I wrote about this on IG too) because I have wanted to have fun with the girls this summer but I feel like we are mostly tied to the house because it's SOOOO hot and I hate having Will Holden out in the heat and he needs naps and it's just hard to drag a baby places.  And I don't even need to do "big" things with them - I would just love for them to play outside but I need to be out there with them and I can't have him out there.  Or to go swimming.  It's just a hard balance of having fun with older kids and taking care of a baby.  I'm always saying "in a minute girls, I need to feed the baby (or change him, etc)".  I know that SOOOO many of you are in the same boat and understand.  
I'm working out a few things like Laurie keeping Will Holden one day next week so I can take the girls swimming and I'm thinking of other things we can do.  Thankfully they really do just enjoy playing together.  I took them to the splash park yesterday morning before it was so awful hot.  

Our town square has the best little ice cream shop.  We rarely go because it's not always easy to get to but I decided we needed an outing yesterday.  We sat in the shade outside and it was so fun. 

Thankfully Will Holden got a nap in while we were out.  One day he will love running around and eating ice cream! 

We have a fountain in the square that the girls love to put their feet in and walk around.  They asked me to please put my feet in with them yesterday and so of course I did and they were so thrilled.  It really doesn't take a lot to make the girls happy! 

I tried taking their picture but Will Holden wasn't thrilled.  And it was in the 90's but the girls had put water from the fountain in their hair - so they aren't THAT sweaty. ha! 

And last night we ended up with a last minute spontaneous sleep over with our friend Sarah Kate.  Harper was sooooo happy and they had so much fun.  I love to have slumber parties and hear a lot of giggling because it reminds me of my childhood! 

Scott has been working for weeks building a base for a playground that is sitting in our garage waiting to be put together.  We keep joking that the girls may be in college before it's ready.  But it will be nice to have somewhere for them to play in the back yard when it's done and I won't have to be with them! 

Maybe next summer we will get out more.  There are a lot more summers in our future! 

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