Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Favorites

I'm joining Erika,  Andrea and Narci for  Friday Favorites today! 

At the end of my pregnancy and now that I'm nursing a baby, I have have watched a LOT more TV than normal.  One thing I have really gotten into is "The Voice".  I used to be an American Idol fan but they kind of lost me several years ago when they started switching up the judges.  I LOVE the whole way they do the Voice and I love that the coaches are so funny and supportive and encouraging.  And basically I LOVE Blake and Adam.  :-)  And the talent is amazing.  I love it.  Are you watching? My favorite is Joshua. 

We got all of our newborn pictures back yesterday and I'm in love.  I need to work on birth announcements now.  I'm so thankful to have pictures of my sweet boy.

My other favorite  thing about him is that he has one been getting up ONCE a night.  I feel like I've died and gone to heaven with this boy! :-) 

In my last trimester, I developed an OBSESSION with coke icees.  Which is bizarre because I heard on instagram from so many of you that you had the same thing???? What is the deal with that? I went all over town finding the perfect coke icee and I can tell you where the best and worst are.  I thought it would go away but it's still going strong.  I'm about to go on a very clean diet in a week so I'm going to have to kick this craving to the curb but OH they are so refreshing! 

And this is a favorite but also I need help.  I have used a Merle Norman Lip Pencil for like 12 years now.  I need a new lipstick and a good color but I can't find one.  I have spent HOURS in sephora and ultra and everything is too brown or too bright.  Does anyone have a good color and brand that they would recommend? My lips are super dry so I want to find something that keeps them from peeling also.  HELP!

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