Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Three Times a Baby

Things are going really well with our family of five.  It's a little hectic but we are making it one day at a time! As I'm sure any of you with at least three kids can understand! I've forgotten a little of how demanding a newborn can be!  

I have to say that he can be a little fussy and high maintenance during the day (ha!) BUT he has two very big positives going for him that I'm EXTREMELY thankful for!

1. So far...... (and I'm aware this may change any day now) - he is a great sleeper at night.  He normally just gets up twice and goes right back to sleep after he eats.  Last night he even went six hours.  This is better than his sisters did at three years old.  So the Lord heard my pleading for a good sleeper. ha! 

2.  He does SO great in a car seat and is great in the car.  This is an important one because between errands and school drop off and pick ups - we are probably in the car close to two hours a day.  And he's amazing in the car.  

So he can scream all day - I'm just thankful for those two things! 

We have enjoyed lots of visits from friends over the last couple of weeks.  They have been so sweet to come visit us and hold Will Holden and our Sunday School class has brought us meals.  This has been such a huge help while I get adjusted to a new baby and balancing everyone.  I always love to take meals to families because I know what a blessing it is. 

Harper and Hollis came home on Mother's Day and it's been full on circus ever since! I was so glad to have them home! 

The minute Harper gets home from school each day she starts begging to hold Will Holden "because he's just so adorable".  She really is a great helper to me.  She looks mad in this picture but she was just intently watching a TV show while she held him.  She is so careful with him and just sings to him and talks to him and he's so content when she's holding him.  It's just the sweetest thing.  Hollis helps me too.  She's not really into holding him but she likes to give him a pacifier or talk to him when he cries.  

Yesterday was my first day that I had to have us all fed, dressed and out of the house by 7:20.  It takes careful planning but I can do this! Dinner, bath time and bed time are a little bit crazier too but we will get a system soon.  I had a women's council brunch yesterday so Hollis went to church and Will went with me to Laurie's house.  All the ladies on council passed him around - it was so sweet.  I meant to take pictures but I was just busy.  This morning was a little crazier and Hollis had bike day at preschool so I was trying to take her bicycle in while I was in my rolled out of bed look with milk leaking on my t-shirt because we didn't have time to feed before we left and Will was screaming in the back.  And I just had to kind of stop and laugh at how funny and humbling being a mom really can be at times!

And I wouldn't trade it for the world!!!

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