Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Break

Well, it's Spring Break and we have been mostly laying low.  And typical Spring break, we have had warm weather and we have had tornados.  It will probably snow tomorrow.  Welcome to Arkansas. 

Last Thursday night, we had a women's event and Karen Alexander Doyel was our speaker.  She shared her testimony and it was AMAZING.  If you ever need a speaker for an event - you need to call her.  Seriously.  I have heard her speak on parenting and I'm still putting her advice into practice. She works with Lifeway and is just an amazing faithful woman. 

And yes - it's insane how big I am.  I have less than a month to go.  I had a doctor appointment yesterday and everything looks good.  We just about have everything ready for Will Holden to get here and I am just trying to rest as much as possible. I know women run marathons and then deliver a week later - but I will never understand how that is possible.  Just like I will never understand how someone delivers an 11 pound baby and never knew they were pregnant.  

My poor girls - I'm afraid our Spring Break isn't full of fun because I just can't do much but we have managed to sleep late and just get a lot of play time in.  I DID take them to see Cinderella on Tuesday.  WE LOVED IT!!!! I may have cried a little at the end.  
I'm trying to do one fun with thing with them a day - even if it's very simple. 

Yesterday was Scott's 39th birthday.  This is a picture of an engagement picture that sits in our living room.  Scott and I were just looking at it and trying to remember when we were this young and thin and well rested.  Our lives have changed so much in 12 years.  I'm so thankful for him.  I'm afraid his birthday wasn't very eventful.  We were having terrible storms yesterday so we just picked up Chuy's to go and ate at home.  But I have a date planned for us on Saturday night! 

And here is the most fun news of all!!!!!

A NINTH couple that met on Singles Day here on KK have gotten engaged!!!!!! How fun is that???? I mean the whole thing seems crazy and I feel like it's ran it's course sometimes but then NINE couples have met and married (or almost married) and that's pretty amazing.  Just shows me God really does work in mysterious ways - even through a silly mom blog! 

Congrats to Jenna and Cade! 

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