Monday, March 23, 2015

And the Party continues

For Harper's first few birthdays, we had big parties with a ton of kids and then I kind of wised up and have gone smaller over time.  Hollis has always had little parties at home so I thought for her fourth we would do something bigger for her.  Plus, I wasn't feeling up to doing anything at home. 

Hollis has always wanted to go to Build A Bear so I thought it would be a fun day for her.  

My girls and their baby "big" brother in the middle.  

Daddy's girls and the wilderness man! I told Scott he was edging on "Robertson" territory with that beard so he shaved it down yesterday. ha! 

I think Hollis had fun with a special day for her.  

Hollis really has only a couple of little friends.  Harper would invite 50 kids to a party but Hollis just loves a few friends so we invited a couple of sets of sisters and of course our friend Joseph.  I'm thankful that even though Emily is five years older than Hollis, she still likes being around her. 

My friend's Jenn's girls and Hollis. 

We only had a small party so it wasn't chaotic and the kids all got to make a fun animal.  Then we headed over for a little picnic outside.  Our food court is closed for renovations but luckily it was a nice day and it was perfect to just eat outside.  There is a little playground there too so the kids got to play after they ate.

Hollis wanted Barbie plates and napkins.  

We had so much fun celebrating our girl and it was SO easy on me! So win Win! 

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