Thursday, February 05, 2015

Maternity Clothes

I've mentioned using Stitch Fix before and I bet several of you have tried it.  I get boxes every month or so and it's great because I don't have a lot of time to shop alone and they send things that fit me exactly.  It's not always my style so I only keep things every once in a while but it's really fun to get that box on your doorstep!

And you can schedule it to just come every few months and it's so easy to return anything you don't want.  They give you the envelope and it's free to ship right back.  It costs $20 a box but that is applied as credit to what you order.

Anyway - I thought I would share this again BECAUSE when I got pregnant - I mentioned to them that I was pregnant and might like some large tunics.  I don't like to buy a lot of maternity clothes but I'm afraid my regular clothes have only stretched so far.  Right now I have about 4 outfits I tend to wear on rotation.

But the fun thing is Stitch Fix DOES Maternity clothes!!! So I thought if any of you were pregnant and wanted to try it out - you could maybe find a few things you like!  I really like to get things I think I could wear for a while after baby too! So I took some pics of my last pregnancy stitch fix and I thought I would show you what they sent!

(Now I am CLEARLY no fashion blogger  - I'm a mom in my 40's so these aren't fashion pics but I thought you might like to see the outfits).

The first outfit you really can't see because this picture turned out dark.  But it's just a great black silky shirt and some dark green corduroy skinny jeans.  I actually decided to keep the shirt because it's long and I can wear with pants or leggings and it's not super maternity looking and will hide a lot so I can wear for a while after Will Holden comes. 

I really liked the pants but I didn't think I would have enough shirts to wear with green jeans and winter will be over soon so I wouldn't wear corduroy's long. 

Then they sent this pink cowl neck shirt.  Which was very comfortable but I felt like it showed off my belly a little TOO much.  I did like the color a lot! 

They sent this cardigan - which isn't maternity but could be worn now and for years from now.  I really liked it but I decided in the end not to keep it.  It was super soft and comfortable.  

They sent this 3/4 sleeve dress with a belt in a horse print and I actually loved it! I have needed a dress because Sundays are getting tough.  I might have this dress on every other Sunday from now on.   And it's comfortable enough to wear just on a daily basis too.  

Being pregnant can be tricky when it comes to dressing.  I'm not just cute with a little belly this time around - I'm big all over so clothes are tricky.  Now that I'm not working, you will find me most days in yoga pants but I have to go in public a lot so I need just a few things I can wear! So you might want to try out Stitch Fix and find a few things that will work for you.

And of course - you can always do it for regular clothes too!!! 

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