Monday, February 09, 2015

Heart Talk

Harper's school had their valentines celebration early so last Friday they had a big Kindergarten party and Scott and I got to go.  It was so fun! They had all kinds of fun activities and Harper was just thrilled to death.  

We love seeing our little sweetheart having so much fun! 

They sent home a note saying they needed to make a valentine box and I made the mistake of opening up Pinterest and showing Harper some ideas.  She decided she really wanted a castle.  I was in a little panic because I'm SOOO not crafty but we sat down one night - all four of us and made this together and it was really kind of fun.  It's not perfect but I thought it turned out cute and Harper was thrilled with it.  She was even MORE thrilled on Friday when it came home full of valentine treats from all of her friends.

Friday night and Saturday morning, our church put on a Mom's conference.  It was SOOOO good and fun.  We had several speakers who who were so encouraging and inspiring and then there were breakout sessions that gave practical information.  I went to one on raising boys and I was so excited to be in there! I feel like I'm moving into unknown territory there!! 

These are only a very tiny handful of my friends who were there but I just was thinking that it is so fun going through the journey of motherhood with these people!!! 

Today Harper was out of school so she came along with me to my doctor's appointment.  We had a great appointment and then I took her out for lunch.

I have really been thinking lately and have talked to Scott about how we are in such a sweet spot with the girls right now.  And of course, our world is about to be ROCKED with a third child and with a boy to boot.  I know completely that my world is about to change but I'm so enjoying how things are. And I just want to say that to encourage anyone reading this who may have two or three kids under three.  Going from one to two kids nearly killed me.  Those two first years of Hollis' life were EXTREMELY hard for me.  Not because of her - just learning to balance two small kids. It was physically and emotionally exhausting.  I rarely ever put on make-up or dressed.  I couldn't get five minutes to spend in the bathroom alone.  I ate standing up most meals.  We couldn't eat out because it was a total disaster.  It was the hard time of setting boundaries and beginning discipline.  And people would tell me it would get better and half the time I couldn't imagine it.  But it really does.  At almost 4 and 6, they are best friends.  They go in their rooms and play together for hours and I can actually do things without having to have them in my sight at all times.  We go out to eat and they act so well.  They get in and out of the car all by themselves (that's a huge one!) It's not perfect.  They fight and we are still guiding them a lot in discipline and training but for the most part, it's just SO much easier and a lot of fun! And it really does feel like it was in the blink of an eye that they went from baby and two to this age! Don't wish away the time but know that there will come a day that you could lay on the couch and rest and let them just play or completely get ready without fear that somewhere they are drawing on the walls.

And I also know full well that we have hard days ahead of us.  We have pre-teen years which people scare the wooly out of me with their stories.  That's why I'm calling this a sweet spot. They still long to be with me and are so sweet but not exhausting like babies are.

Parenting is hard work.  But it really is so rewarding and fun when you start to reap small, tiny rewards for your hard work!

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