Sunday, January 18, 2015

Weekend Birthday Extravaganza

This year for Harper's birthday, we decided instead of having a party, to take a little trip.  Harper LOVES staying in hotels and she is real into American Dolls right now so I thought it would be fun to go to Dallas and do both.  And it was a great time for us to take a special trip with the girls before Will Holden joins our family. 

Harper and Hollis both had Friday off from school which worked out perfect and Friday was her actual birthday.  We planned to leave early in the morning and get there early afternoon for some fun.  


Harper was up all night Thursday night with an ear infection.  She hasn't had one since she was one.  So I had to rush and make her a doctor appointment before we could leave.  We got some medicine and we finally got on the road.

Then suddenly in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma - our car started shutting down.  I was so glad Scott was driving and I wasn't somewhere by myself with the girls because I would have panicked.  We made it to an exit and called looking for a place to help us.  The place was about 15 miles away.  So Scott thought we could make it.  

And we literally made it and the car started shutting down RIGHT OUTSIDE the dealership. 

So there we were in Checotah, OK (home of Carrie Underwood) and we didn't know if they would be able to fix it or if we would spend our birthday weekend there.  ("Jesus take the Wheel") (ha) We found a vending machine from 1982 and the girls got some cheetos and they had a TV on the Disney Channel.  Harper declared this her favorite birthday ever.  Scott and I just looked at each other.  Clearly, you do not need bells and whistles to impress kids.  Thank Goodness!

Thankfully - it was some kind of covered known issue and they fixed us up and we didn't even have to pay a dime.  I was so thankful.

We stopped at Chili's for a VERY late lunch/early dinner in McAlester and Harper was thrilled because she got to get a cookie/ice cream dessert.  I think her actual birthday was pretty great.  We didn't get to Dallas until about 6 hours later than we had thought but that was okay.  We made it!

The next morning we headed out to the Dallas Zoo.  (I know on Instagram a lot of you told me the Ft worth zoo was better but we had limited time and were trying to stay close).  We don't have a zoo near us so the girls are excited to see any animals.

When we originally planned this trip, we decided not to book anything until the week we were planning to go because you can't predict weather.  I was afraid it might snow.  But instead, it was in the 60's in Dallas.  It was chilly in the morning but then it turned beautiful!

Scott's parents met us in Dallas so they could celebrate Harper's birthday with us. My parents wanted to come but had to leave on a different trip they already had planned.

My girls loved the zoo but their favorite part was riding the carousel at the end.  

Of course.

We headed to the Dallas Galleria after this and ate lunch at Mi Cocina and watched the ice skating! 

And then it was finally time! 

This is how Scott felt about our experience.

The girls and I had a great time but I will say I learned two things:
1. NEVER EVER EVER go to the AG store on a Saturday.  (it was a ZOO - you could barely move because there were so many people).
2.  NEVER EVER EVER take men with you.  Scott and his dad basically stood and looked miserable for the couple of hours we were there.  (or how I feel when we are at Cabela's).

But WE loved it! 

We ate dessert in the bistro.  Our dolls were getting their hair done at the salon so they let us borrow dolls to eat with.  They brought Harper a little mini cupcake since it was her birthday.  It was a lot of fun. 

The girls got their dolls hair fixed and Harper got her doll's ears pierced.  I had to wait in line for about an hour just to get an appointment.  (Again, see the two things I learned up above).  I did meet the nicest girl behind me who reads my blog and I at least had someone to talk to while we stood in line.

We tried SOOOO hard to convince Harper to get hearing aids for her doll (so many of you have emailed me about this) but she wanted nothing to do with it.

Our last stop was at my brother's house and they had a little mini party for Harper.  The girls LOVE their little cousin and I was so glad for them to be together even just for a little bit.

We stopped to eat and then headed to our hotel after a VERY full day.  The girls both were asleep within 5 minutes of hitting the bed and slept so well.  We got up and headed home this morning.

I hope Harper's 6th birthday will be one she remembers.  I know I will!

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