Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Harper

Harper, today you are SIX!!!!!!!!!

It seems just like yesterday that I was so pregnant with you and anticipating meeting you.  I couldn't have in my wildest dreams imagined a girl as wondrous as you are!

I have loved watching you grow from a tiny baby to a busy toddler to such a grown up little girl! I love being around you and you bring so much joy to your daddy and I.  

You are smart and funny and always have a sparkle in your eyes and a HUGE smile on your face.  You make us laugh all the time.  You LOVE kindergarten.  You love your teacher.  You have made a ton of friends and love to tell me all about them.  You have also had a few "boyfriends" and I'm not sure about that.  You love all things princess, barbie, fairies and mermaids.  
You only want to wear dresses and skirts.  You are never happy when you have to wear pants.  Sometimes we have a morning struggle with that! 

You LOVE music and art.  You are great at drawing and that's one of your favorite things to do.  And you love to sing.  

The best part about you is that you have the sweetest, kindest, most giving heart of almost anyone I have ever met.  You always ask if we can give your toys or clothes to kids who need them.  You are always looking out for your sister and you may fight but mostly you are very kind hearted to her.  You are the first to comfort her if she is upset.  You are always telling me about kids at school who don't have friends on the playground and how you try to sit with them or be their friend and I am never prouder than that moment.  

You have never met a stranger.  You will run up to anyone with your big toothless grin and just talk their ear off.  You love people and you love life.  

You are one of my favorite people on the planet and I'm so honored to be your mom.  God has BIG plans for you! I hope you will always love Him with all of your heart and follow after Him.  I hope you will always be kind and generous.  That is more important than any other character trait.  

Happy birthday Harper! I love you!


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