Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tangible Truths Ministry

I have been working with a group of ladies since this past summer to begin a new ministry called Tangible Truths Ministry.  This is led by my friend Susan Goss.  She has been praying and dreaming of this for over two years.  She is a former women's ministry director and is now a Christian Therapist.  

Tangible Truths Ministry is all about Teaching, Training and Connecting.  We had our first event at our church this past week - I've told you about it - "Addicted to Anxiety".  

This is our leadership team (minus Lori McDaniel who is pictured below - we couldn't seem to ever all get together.  Lori works for the International Mission Board and her husband is a pastor at another church in town.  I've loved getting to know her.)  We took our picture with Laurie who is our Women's ministry leader at our church now.  

We had a really great night.  Almost 500 women came and I hope they were blessed.  We had women (including me) share our stories of anxiety, Susan's husband who is a doctor spoke on the medical side of anxiety and Susan spoke on it also.  I think this is something that hits home with SO many.  

Three of my dear friends led us in worship.  They never do this and they were amazing.  

I had so many of you ask about watching the livestream.  I want to share a link with you so you can! 

I also want to share the website of Tangible Truths.  There will be weekly blogposts addressing topics that resonate with women.  Also we will share events we have coming up! I hope you will check it out!

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