Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tests and More Tests

We have had a week of tests here this week.  

I failed my glucose test so yesterday I had to do the three hour glucose test.  I had to do it with Hollis too and passed so I'm hoping and praying I pass this time.  I know it's not the end of the world but the good part of this pregnancy is getting to eat what I want without feeling guilty! ha! After Will Holden comes, I will be on a perpetual diet I'm sure so I'm enjoying a little cake now.  I will be a little cranky if I can't have my cake! ha!

At least I had three hours to sit and just be quiet.  That's a rare moment for me so I tried to enjoy it.  But giving blood four times in one morning is not my favorite past time.  I survived!

Then yesterday afternoon, Harper got re-tested in her speech therapy.  It has been a year since we tested her and it was unbelievable how far she has come.  She ended up testing out and we are dropping one day of therapy.  I just can't believe how much she has improved.  It's such an answer to prayer.

She also got her report card this week and had the highest marks in everything.  I don't say that to be a bragging mom but because I'm so SO SO thankful.  I told her therapist last night that I honestly started her in kindergarten wondering if she would need to repeat because I didn't think there was any way she would be able to read and keep up and she has blown me out of the water.   I'm so proud of that girl.

And I love this little almost four year old.  She and I still get a lot of one and one time and I'm treasuring it.  In a few short months, she will have to share me with a little brother and before I know it, she will be off to kindergarten.  So I am trying to soak up the days that she is my little helper.  She is so sweet and loving.  She is so quiet and good at independent play.  It's so easy when she is my only.  I love that I will have had one on one time with each of my kids.  I know they are each special in different ways and I love to celebrate that.  I just can't wait to see what kind of personality Will Holden brings to our family!

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