Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A very important announcement!

We WILL be having another Singles Day!!!

Friday, February 13, 2015!

If you are single or know anyone who is single - be working on your posts AND send the singles here!

If you are new - we have been doing this for probably 4-5 years.  Singles or friends/family of singles - post about them and link up here and then other singles are able to read about them and contact!

This sounds completely crazy (I KNOW) and I would be skeptical too BUT

EIGHT COUPLES HAVE MET AND MARRIED THIS WAY! (and most of those now have children!) 

 If you want to read an update on those couples go here:

And I know of at least two couples who are very seriously dating now.  So we might break TEN married couples before too long!


I'm thinking about trying out an instagram singles day.  We would use a hashtag and you could post a picture along with a bio.  I'm a little nervous about this but so many of you have asked me for this since instagram is obviously more popular than blogging these days.

(I have a friend who suggested #ImetmyBAEonKK and I can't stop laughing!)

I need you to help me come up with a hashtag and do you think that's a good idea?

So mark your calendars - ALL I'M SAYING IS YOU JUST NEVER KNOW!!!!!!!

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