Thursday, December 11, 2014

2014 Christmas Tour of Homes

It's one of my favorite things ever in Blog Land today........the Christmas Blog Tour of Homes! I love seeing all of your decorations and getting ideas! And the best thing - is I love to see houses of all sizes - apartments, dorm rooms, houses, everything is included!

I follow all of these homes on Pinterest and Instagram and sometimes I feel a little pitiful with my decorations and home.  It's no interior designer home.  But it's comfortable and it's the people who live here that make it a home.  And that's what I love about seeing about your homes - not showcases but real live places where families or individuals live! 

AND if you don't blog..........
Instagram your pictures with the hashtag #KKtourofhomes

Welcome to our house! I would love to serve you some hot chocolate and red velvet cake balls and visit with you!!!!

I got this nativity in El Salvador 5 years ago and the girls love it so much. 

 I found this sign at Hobby Lobby this year and added it to our mantel.  

I feel like "O Holy Night" has some of the best lyrics ever written. 

 I love our stockings. I bought 5 the first year we were married.  One is for Dawson our dog and then I filled in the names when we had our girls.  Now I need to order one more and get it monogrammed for next year! 
 I toned down the decorations this year and we only put up our one small tree and not our big tree.  

 A little side table decoration
 This nativity is new this year and I think it's the cutest.  And the girls love it! 

 Our living room

A corner of the kitchen.  I have a lot of Christmas Southern Living Cookbooks I love to read and display.  

 Another view of the kitchen.

 Our advent calendar hangs in our breakfast area.  I think my girls love this more than anything. They can't wait to hang each day's card.

Without a doubt, my favorite decoration is our Christmas Card tree.  Love filling it with pictures of people we love and being able to look at them all season long! 

The little tree in Hollis' room.
And Harper's pink tree! 

Now I hope you will share your home with all of us! 

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