Sunday, December 14, 2014

It's the Most wonderful time of the year

Thursday morning we had our big ultrasound/anatomy scan.  I was so nervous and excited.  This is where we usually would find out the sex of the baby so it was a little weird going in already knowing.  

We took the girls so they could see their baby brother. They were less than impressed.  I'm pretty sure when I said "do you want to see your brother" they weren't imagining a dark room with barely recognizable parts on a screen.  Oh well, I was happy to have them there.

We are beyond thankful that everything looks okay.  He's measuring almost a week ahead which scares me a little knowing Harper weighed 10 pounds and never measured ahead.  I'm not looking to set any records! ha! But I will have a c-section so it's really not a big deal. 

 Thursday night my friend Marci hosted a girls night for our Sunday School class.  It was so much fun.  We ate and visited and just had so much fun.  I"m so thankful for these girls.  Even when they wear plaid or puffy black vests and forget to send me the memo. 

Friday Harper got to wear pajamas and make gingerbread cookies and watch a Christmas movie.  I'm worried first grade is going to be one big letdown after how fun Kindergarten has been! 

Friday night I went to a fundraising dinner for Help One Now with Laurie and my friend Nina.  Help One Now is an amazing organization that helps orphans and vulnerable children in several countries and they build schools and orphanages and give food and medicine but they work through local pastors and communities.  It was an amazing night and I was so honored to get to be there. 

I was especially excited because Jen Hatmaker was the speaker.  She is on the board with Help One now.  We have met a few times but I wasn't sure she would remember me but she acted like we were long lost friends.  She is so funny and down to earth.  I got tickled when she introduced me to her husband and told him about us meeting and that we were "internet friends".  It's a strange world but I love that I've gotten to meet so many extraordinary people through blogging. 

 Saturday was a catch up day for me.  I have been so busy I just needed a day at home to clean and do laundry.  But late afternoon, the girls and I went to a new toy story and saw the Lum Lum dolls that are their new obsession.  

This morning Scott and I had the honor of helping with the baptism of 10 people.  It was a little crazy because 5 different people baptized them.  They each had different staff members who were special to them and most of them shared their testimony as they were baptized.  We are so thankful to serve in this ministry and especially now because we are baptizing so many people each week.

We went to Fayetteville this afternoon to hear the NWA Symphony Family Concert.  It was so much fun.  I didn't know what the girls would think but they loved it.  They played some fun Christmas music and some songs from the Nutcracker.

It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

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