Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Cheer

Well, Christmas turned out a little different than we had planned but it was a great one. 

Hollis and I both were sick the first of last week.  We were supposed to leave early afternoon on Christmas Eve for Scott's family but instead I spent all morning at convenient care with a sick little Hollis.  So we opted to stay home Christmas Eve.  And it was nice.  Minus the sick part.  I wish we could have gone to our church's Christmas Eve service but we kept our germs at home. 

We made cookies and wrote our letters to Santa and everyone went to bed early! 

 Hollis dictated her letter to me and Harper spelled hers out.  

We keep Christmas simple.  Santa brings one gift and stockings and then we give two gifts.  The girls both asked for Samantha this year.  I loved that they wanted an American Girl Doll.  I was too old and missed this when I was young, but it's fun experiencing it with them.  We opened our gifts Christmas morning and ate breakfast and then quickly packed up the car and headed to south Arkansas. 

We took a Christmas family picture with Gigi and Pap-pa.

 My family of soon to be five.  I can barely believe that next year we will have a little baby boy in our mix.  We don't exchange gifts as adults but Scott's mom did fill a stocking for little brother with the cutest football burp cloth and bib and socks and booties.  I was so excited! 

 The girls opened their gifts after our Christmas dinner.  There was a lot of Frozen and American Girl. 

 Can you tell they were happy? 

We stayed until today and had a lot of fun playing with new toys and making cupcakes and just enjoying family.  Christmas is so much fun with kids! I'm going to miss these days when they grow up so much! 

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