Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A visit to Santa

One of my favorite things has been our Santa pictures over the year.  As you can see - we have had someone crying in almost every picture.  We have a great Santa at our mall. One of the things I want to do is frame all of these pictures and display them somehow.

I knew that this year probably no one would cry.   We went Saturday morning.

No crying - but it sure is cute! 

I bet we have at least two more years of crying ahead with little brother in the mix.

After we had our pictures made, we decided just to stay at the mall and have a family day.  Our mall is outdoors so we walked down to a restaurant owned by two of my college friends that we rarely eat at and now I'm wondering why because it was SOOOOO good.  It may be a new favorite.  (Fish City Grill if you live in NWA).  Then we went to see "Annie".  (Which Scott is SO fond of a musical so bless him for being a good sport).  It wasn't the original which I will always love but I thought it was cute and Harper loved it.  Hollis was a little restless.

and I'm now 41. 

Yesterday was my birthday and it wasn't the best of days.  Hollis and I are sick and I don't think either of us have been sick in probably three years so it's not great timing with Christmas.  I had to work from home and it was gloomy and we ate sandwiches (my choice) and I ran to Walmart.  I guess this is my 40's. ha! But honestly - I'm just so happy to be here in my 40's knowing how many people didn't make it this far.  And I'm thankful for my three biggest gifts.  They turn every day into a sunshiney day! I'm a grateful girl! 

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