Monday, December 29, 2014

What's in a Name?


Naming this baby boy was much harder than with the girls.  We have had such a hard time committing to a name.  I didn't necessarily want to do an "H" name but I wanted something that would go with Harper and Hollis.  

It's not like he needed an HBS monogram because he wouldn't be wearing hand me down monogrammed dresses. Ha! 

And then we had to put the name through the tests.

The yelling test:  (Not like literally yelling at him) but like "__________, come inside, it's time for dinner".  Or maybe "_________, quit bothering your sisters".

And then of course is the football test:

"___________ lines up at Quarterback for the Razorbacks".

And Scott has to put it through the "make fun of test".  As in what nickname will kids at school give him.

We finally agreed and told our families on Christmas Eve.

This is brother's name:

Scott's first name is William.  So I loved that he will carry on the name.  And I love the name Will.  I also have always wanted to use a double name. We will call him Will Holden but at some point I'm sure he will just go by Will.  Or maybe by Holden.  I will probably always call him both.

Holden was my favorite boy's name.  And it's totally not planned but I realized our kids will all have a literary reference in their names.  (Because Scott and I are such scholars - this makes sense.  ha!)

Harper - as in Harper Lee "To Kill a Mockingbird"
Hollis Barrett  - as in Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Will Holden - as in Holden Caulfield "Catcher in the Rye".

So there you go.  I'm so happy I can finally start referring to him by name!

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